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    BIAFRA: 30th Of May is Unstoppable and Biafrans must honour there heroes. see details

    Based on the unabated killings of the Indigenous People Of Biafra by the Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari led regime, people have been pondering to know if IPOB will indeed observe the Heroes Remembrance, Will they back off the remembrance day due to the fear of been clampdown by the Nigeria combined team of Force men?

    As Buhari have sworn to give his life,in other to have an undivided Nigeria, will IPOB still storm Anambra State to observe the Heroes Day?

    Now before this questions will be treated i would want the World to understand this; when IPOB says "BIAFRA OR DEATH",it is quite not a slogan meant for impression or intimidation, rather an uncompromised passionate decision made by Hardcore Biafrans ready to change the tragic story of marginalisation in BiafranLand and the Nigeria-Biafra Genocide War,which took away the lives of over 3million Biafrans. The genocidal war carried out against Biafrans during the 1967-1970, inflicted an open injury in the hearts of every Biafran. May 30th is our Heroes Remembrance Day.

    A day Biafra Independence was declared and the Indigenous People Of Biafra massively, pay respect and tribute to our Heroes. It is our right to remember and duff our hats in respect to our Heroes past. Therefore, we must remember them and not even the Buhari led murderous regime can stop us.

    The Indigenous People Of Biafra will not remain in fear over their rights.

    We have remained peaceful amidst provocation, yet the Nigeria Government have continued taking the pathway of carrying out mayhem against us with impunity, in a quest to stop our agitation towards the restoration of Biafra.

    Our Leader Citizen Nnamdi Kanu have been unlawfully detained and incarcerated despite fulfilling his bail terms in a ploy to stop the positive effect of the Biafra struggle, yet the Indigenous People Of Biafra under his leadership are still waxing stronger.

    If Nigeria an amalgamated artificial and expired country which was concocted by Britain in 1914,can publicly celebrate Independence every 1st of October without disruption or clampdown,why then will such expired country stop an already existing Nation BIAFRA that have been in existence long before her? Offcourse,it is against humanity and an act of barbarism for such to be recorded in History or kept in the archives for posterity.

    Therefore the Indigenous People Of Biafra under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,against all odds and threats by the Nigeria Government, are very much ready to celebrate May 30th 2016,because it is cowardice to allow our Heroes die painfully and as well allow ourselves to be stopped from acknowledging their Bravery, due to the threats from their murderers.

    We were not trained with fear, because our Leader is a Man with a Lion heart, who remained resolute even in the enemies camp. Thus, we remain Fearless before our enemies and May 30th 2016 will be an unprecedented and historical day for IPOB,which must be observed.

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