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    The restoration of Biafra has gained another momentum as the major purpose of Nnamdi Kanu is finally falling into shape. Radio Biafra has
    Recall that after the civil war, Biafra land was divided into two- South south and Southeast which was done to enable Nigerian government rule the land. There was a fear of continued opposition to the existence of Nigeria hence ‘divide and rule’ strategy was employed.

    This was made possible when the ten states of Biafra were divided into five each and once united nation lost her unity and became inconsequential minorities.
    While the whole Biafra land produces oil, Nigerian media targeted Biafra with propaganda that geographically impossible southsouth is different from Southeast hence production of oil is their identity.

    They further instilled in Biafrans across the Niger that their brothers are after their oil without telling them that their brothers own oil as well. The propaganda assimilated and that was the end for many years, Brothers lost their identities and existed differently, giving enemies the opportunity to subjugate them.

    The era has come to an end as the people of Urhobo and Isoko held a town meeting and formally declared that they are Biafra. They rose from the meeting which lasted for over two hours with the national leader of IPOB in company of elders from Anambra, Enugu and Abia and stated that Biafra is their nation and indigenous home and that they want to fight for Biafra and not wait until Biafra is restored to their benefit.

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    Speaking to Ifeanyi Chijioke of family writers who reported for the event, Akpede Fredrick from Urobo who spoke said “We are happy that IPOB has finally heard our plea to come for this memorable meeting. We have been fed with domineering nature of Igbo without knowing we are one, they made us hate ourselves but truth and light have reached us and today we identify with our brothers, our blood and flesh. We do not want to look and wait for Biafra to be restored; we want to fight for Biafra, protest over here and have the honour of fighting for our father land”
    In same vein ones who simply identified as J.P and Jerome respectively noted that there was lack of information which was responsible for the delay of this declaration, they decried the pains of living all these years without knowing the truth.

    “We are Urhobo and we are Biafra, same thing and we will work tirelessly to make sure Biafra is restored”
    been on a relentless effort to unify the People of Biafra which it believed was shattered by the Nigerian government to pocket and rule Biafra. It is widely perceived that once the unification is achieved, Biafra restoration will be complete.
    Duke Oyibo an elder statesman who hails from Eket east local government area Delta state spoke extensively after the declaration in a state of delight, while answering question on what happened today and the move to declaring a united Biafra. “We have all along believed that the whole thing was for the Igbos alone but we have been made to understand that is not for the Igbos alone that it is for every Biafran.
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    The Urhobos where I am from is an integral part of Biafra, the Isoko, the Itshekiri and Ijaws, we are all part of Biafra. We are happy for the understanding and the unification” He spoke further of his experience during the war but summarized as “there was too much killing and now is time for Biafra”
    When asked what is behind his passion for his active involvement in the restoration project of Biafra, he said “who would want to remain in this country called Nigeria.

    I fight for Biafra because I want progress, I want peace and we want to stop suffering from whatever power that is ruling Nigeria now. He targets Biafrans and we need safe nation”. Speaking concerning the notion that Anioma is not Biafra. He jerked and cut in “That is not true, Anioma is Biafra, and we are all Biafra.

    We cannot be Nigeria because they kill us for being Biafrans. We all have to stand up for this struggle because at the end of the day if we did not benefit it, our children will surely benefit it”
    Meanwhile, on the side of the Isoko who were represented by Elder Timothy Ishaka and Mr Okoro Eboh, they allowed Ighokido Kelvin Enitome who was identified as their coordinator to talk. “We now live and die for Biafra since the truth was made open to us. The passion is without limit and on 30th May, we will display our cultural dance and everything. We are Biafra and we are ready to preach the gospel to our people. Information is power even though blood is thicker than water” while Osiobe Silas, Mishack Akarota and Eboh Sontour Ovie seconded his speech.
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    IPOB accepted the development and reinstated that it is ‘Biafra or death’ addressing the town meeting, the national leader of IPOB noted “ Biafra is your right and you should dominate Biafra, we have to throw away the domineering tag on Igbo because nobody is Igbo, we are Biafrans speaking Urhobo, Isoko or Igbo. We are simply a people working hard.
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    Biafra restoration project is divine and that is why you all came today to declare that you are Biafra and will fight for Biafra. Nobody called you here or staged this; you did it yourselves because God ordained it. Biafra is our right and Biafra must be for us all” he concluded.

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