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    [Headline) Father Mbaka has Released another prophecy about Buhari Government, see full story here

    Father Ejike Mbaka has allegedly made a new prophesy about President Muhammadu’s administration. The controversial priest stated that the beginning of Muhammadu Buhari’s Government will be difficult. He added that there will be suffering and crisis but the end it will be joyous and great.

    Below is what Mbaka Said.

    Listen fellow Nigerians, as it is right now, most of what we are suffering now and we are going to suffer were caused few years ago but the Lord asked me to encourage you. “Suffering is coming but it is not suffering under damnation, there is solution, it may take some time, but at the end of it, there will be testimonies” “As I have told you, there is going to be crisis but God will handle it. This year, God said my people will be over-comers, things will be hard but my people will be over- comers”.

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