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    [Just In]: Bring Back Radio Biafra To Ijaw Land, Ijaw Clan Pleads As They Assure IPOB Of Their Unwavering Support For Nnamdi Kanu

    This is an excerpt of a meeting held in Warri, Delta State between Ijaw clan and the national coordinator of the indigenous people of Biafra, Chidiebere Onwudiwe. Read Below.

    Biafrans across the Niger recently in their meeting with Chidiebere Onwudiwe- the national coordinator of IPOB decried what they termed ‘information alienation’. In a questions and answer segment with the people of Isoko, Itshekiri, Urhobo, Ijaw etc held in Warri.

    The people argued that why there has been insufficient agitation for the restoration of Biafra was because of the absence of radio Biafra across the Niger. They said that due to there was no Radio Biafra to help in disseminating information; it becomes hard for them to sensitize the people.

    However, they made known that the people have lost faith in Nigeria and have been crying for Biafra and further decried the lost of identity and division since after the war. Nigerian government targeted the people of Biafra and used’ divide and rule strategy’ to keep the people of Biafra down.

    This is however a deliberate measure to subjugate and take advantage of the resources in Biafra land at the detriment of the people. The lie of over 65 years finally was defeated through the emergence of Radio Biafra and now they cry for Radio Biafra that the people might further get knowledge and know the truth.

    “This is not good, we are not being helped, and we have no radio here in Warri and other places. We are not given the opportunity to work and passionately restore our nation.

    The radio is suppose to be everywhere in Ijaw, Itshekiri, Urhobo, Isoko etc clan of Biafra. We don’t want a situation we will be left behind and leave others to fight alone. Protest is supposed to be going on in our area, our director is in detention and we need him out just as our NDA want him out.

    We need our radio to help us because some of our people are not yet aware of what is happening” they said and urged IPOB through Chidiebere Onwudiwe to intervene.

    While responding to them, the national coordinator of IPOB welcomed their plea but detailed why Radio Biafra was not in their various clans. In his remarks, Chidiebere Onwudiwe maintained that this part of Biafra was part of the major plan of Nnamdi Kanu but due to demands the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra saw as excess and lack of appreciation, the radio was withdrawn from their part.

    His words “My Oga- Nnamdi Kanu ordered me to bring the radio here for you people, we met some people who demanded 10million from us before the radio will be here.

    It was like that because a lot of things are needed for the radio to stand. Now you are begging him to bring the radio back, I will do something about it and convey your message to him. I can assure you that he would hear your cry and the radio Biafra will hit your air wave”.

    Reacting to the shocking revelation, the people apologized remarkably and withered “We were not aware of this development but you should not blame us that much.

    We never knew what was going on and never knew Biafra is this serious and real. If you need hundred of us now for the radio to stand, we will even pay for what it will take, the fuel and all that, we can ask ourselves and contribute for that” they posited that the people are in dire need of the radio and they are ready to go home and reach others if the demands for the radio to stand are made.

    When Ifeanyi Chijioke contacted the Warri coordinator of IPOB, he confirmed the 10 million naira demand before the radio will stand but pleaded that IPOB should hear the plea of the people and bring back the radio. Speaking on the issue he said “Yes, this happened last year when we thought Biafra restoration under Kanu was Uwazurike’s kind of shot.

    The people never took Nnamdi Kanu serious, we thought he was into business as Uwazurike but when he was arrested, we went back and listened to everything he said, that was when we started believing him. At first when he was arrested, we waited for him to take money from Buhari and go his way but realized that he is serious and ready to die.

    Above all, we can now see that Biafra is alive and vividly can see it coming, it is here with us now and there is need for us to join and restore Biafra. Buhari is holding him because he is afraid of him and because he means business. The arrest of Nnamdi kanu helped us to know Biafra is alive and restored” The coordinator who simply gave his name as Akuwara said.

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