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    Just In: Letter to the President’ by singer, Big Slim


    After successfully releasing his first single, Ijele, renowned filmmaker, Ifeanyi Onyeabo is set with yet another, ‘Letter to the President’, scheduled to drop on 28th of May, 2016 on major music stores online.

    ‘Letter to the President’, which is a fusion of hip-hop, ragga and afro-beat comes laced with lyrics about the realities of life in Africa with advice on how to surmount such challenges.

    According to the Nkanu, Enugu State born filmmaker, he w o u l d equally be releasing the videos of the two singles which are ready on major online and broadcast platforms.


    To unleash the musical part of his talent, he says he would go by the stage name ‘Big Slim’. In a phone interview about this new venture, he reiterated that music has been a part of his upbringing since his childhood days in Jos, Plateau State, and would in no way mean he would abandon his calling in the art of filmmaking. “Music has always been a part of me. Right from my days in Jos, people would tell you that they knew me first as the guy who sings.

    But I noticed that my filmmaking efforts have kind of swallowed my music talent and I do not want that to happen. My music is a summation of my cultural experiences from the north, south and west, where I have cultural and social affinities to. I am from the south east, was born in the north and have spent business years in the south west.


    So, it is a great experience to impart to fans through music” ‘Letter to the President’, just like Ijele, according to him reflects these experiences and has been specifically composed to engender the spirit of democracy in Africa.

    “So many stakeholders say our music has not been able to project our values as a people and this is what I am about to correct. While it has tunes and melody someone can dance to, it is also filled with messages for the populace. For me, music is art and art is supposed to leave a legacy, while it mirrors the society”.

    Onyeabor is the CEO of ‘Igo Motion Pictures and has won many awards for filmmaking, which includes: Best African Director (New York Film Festival) in 2000, ‘Best Art Director’ (AMAA), Best Overall Director ‘Golden Camel Award’ (Lagos International Film Festival) amongst others.


    He is known for successful movies like ‘Scout’, ‘New Jerusalem’, ‘James Town’ and the currently trending ‘Tribe’, which will come to the cinemas soon. His music is coming under Alkebulan Records.

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