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    Fellow Nigerians please kneel down and be praying seven times a day let nothing happen to Nnamdi Kanu. Cause if anything happens to him. The earth will boil. Heaven will turn blood. Sun will be closer than ever. Ground will open and people like you and I will have no hiding place. Don't be decieved by the so called "child's play Ojukwu and Gowon did and called it war." Don't pray for war. Cause black and white television is not the same as coloured television. The British is still using us for their experiment.

    The world and the people have become wiser. It only takes a wise person to know that Nigeria was never meant to be forever. It is only the selfishness of the people we call leaders that have been hiding the truth from the youth. Everyday across the world new countries are been created. Why would the case of Nigeria be different. Buhari go to bow to people who make gest of him and his country before a meeting were he will be called up to speak and mocked. Britain laugh at people like you. To get the country split into 4 or 5 is the solution to start developing as nations. Nothing can ever be right again in Nigeria, not education, economy, power or governance.

    Do you think Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka and other Grey hairs are stupid? Enough of the British/Queen Elizabeth/monarchy experiment Buhari knows this but selfishness wouldn't allow him do the right thing. He is only in Britain to weep sentiments for Nigeria to remain as one . Nothing more. With such comments what benefit do you think Nigeria stand to gain from Britain? Absolutely nothing. This is a high powered discussion caught on camera. My people perish for lack of credible, knowledgeable and myopic leader. When Buhari comes back we will go and welcome him for attending such a great summit. Britain is the origin of our failure and vision less rulership.

    Remember Nnamdi Kanu is a British product and knows even more than the man we have entrusted our nation in his hand. Nnamdi Kanu is 100 times wiser than baba. Cameron wouldn't make such statements at him. It's high time Nigeria, Niger delta, Boko Haram, Biafra, fulani herdsmen or any other new group seek help elsewhere. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, France, German, or even Isreal are credible choice for National mentorship. This will make that British colonial Documents useless and worthless. What role have Britain ever played to better us since after independence till this Democratic Era ? I don't know of any.

     Do you? Stop wasting the life's of our soldiers over a needless war without end from almajiri to Niger delta to boko Haram to Biafra to fulani herdsmen/Niger delta .Britain is even scared of having a world war 3 even when the are better equipped than Adolph Hitler Era and on. We don't want a full blown 2 civil war. Long live Nigeria as soon as possible.......Remember only the wise will read and understand.

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