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    Stephanie Coker Launches Women’s Empowerment Program, “The Future is Her” (@TheFutureIsHer)

    As a means of uplifting our female youth, Media Personality and Entrepreneur, Stephanie Coker, has launched a women’s empowerment program called “The Future is Her.” The program aims to empower young women with the skills, practical experience, and guidance they need to excel in the fields they aspire to have careers in.

    Stephanie will utilise her platform and influence in offering the right guidance as well as training to enable the women secure internships, which could lead to jobs in their chosen field. She will be a source of encouragement and will consistently mentor these young women through their various chosen paths. They will also have the opportunity to meet with enterprising women in the society who are successful in their respective fields.

    “This is by far one of the most important things I have ever done. I have always believed in the power of women, as we are capable of achieving anything we set our minds to with the right support and empowerment. Our FIH mentors and I cannot wait to coach our first class of five women in fulfilling their dreams and building lasting foundations for the next. The future is her!,” Stephanie Coker, founder of the program said.

    Application details are as follows:
    • Women between ages 18 to 26 are eligible to apply
    • Deadline for submission of applications is October 21st
    • Send your bio and why you should be chosen to submissions@thefutureisher.com

    For more information, you can follow The Future is Her on social media:
    Instagram: @TheFutureIsHer
    Facebook: Facebook.com/TheFutureIsHer

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