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    Breaking News: Panic in Nigeria as MMM suspends operation, freezes accounts, See Details Here

    Promoters and members of Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, in any other case referred to as ‘MMM’ in Nigeria, are currently in panic because the ponzi scheme has been frozen.

    All confirmed bills, as at early hours of Monday, have been frozen.

    Mavro is the conventional unit for size of assist furnished to different participants in MMM.

    With all confirmed Mavros frozen, all users who have furnished help and looking ahead to to get help in few days can’t do so till the ban is off.

    A round despatched out to all users the day gone by said all money has been frozen for a month.

    The circular advised all contributors to be calm, saying it turned into to help prevent any troubles all through the brand new year season.

    The circular examine: “pricey contributors!

    “moreover, it has to address the consistent frenzy provoked by using the authorities within the mass media.

    “The things are nonetheless going properly; the members experience calm; all people receives paid – as you can see, there haven’t been any charge delays or different troubles yet – however!.. it's far higher to keep away from taking risk. (furthermore, there are almost three weeks left to the new year.)

    “therefore, on the idea of the above referred to, from now on all showed Mavro can be frozen for a month.

    “The reason for this measure is obvious. We want to prevent any issues for the duration of the new yr season, and then, while the entirety calms down, this degree can be cancelled. (Which we will without a doubt do).

    “we are hoping for your expertise!


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