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    Famous Gist] Dandizzy on the spot with Luarita Kingson, spills it all up on successful beginning' as he shares his experiences, views and expectation in arts and music.[@Lekwedandizzy] (Details Here)

    Dandizzy, a young talented artiste, full of life and smiles, creative with potential. he is splendor in creativity and arts through his originality.

    Dandizzy on the spot with Luarita Kingson, spills it all up on 'successful beginning' as he shares his experiences, views and expectation in arts and music.

    Luarita Kingson: I want to know what actually motivated you to this music journey?

    Dandizzy: Okay....actually, how i started this music journey, it's goes way back when i was in JSS1 then i was in boarding school, i had this seniors who were doing this music thing and i really enjoyedit, so i decided to try it out....... it was really working for me so i decided to follow up after my secondary school.

    Luarita Kingson:Thats interesting, so what are your type of music?
    Dandizzy:I like rap music, afro, hip hop and i like RnB too, but i love rap mostly.

    Luarita Kingson:[Smile] i actually like your originality and how you put people up on stage flowing with your rhythm, i could remember years back when you performed at UNIPORT arena, i saw student being thrilled by your music also your performance.... i was like ''WOW'' who's this coming up artistes?... because it's rare to see student of uniport, giving it up for artistes if they are not  really good more especially an upcoming artistes.
    Dandizzy:[Laughs silently]

    Luarita Kingson:How many songs have you released?
    Dandizzy:Since i started music i have done just one cover  and one song....... i mean one original song from me, because i didn't want to be dropping songs without backup, so i was just doing  something different from every upcoming artistes.... and you see when an upcoming artistes comes out with his songs people don't appreciate it, so i decided to do freestyles and i was good at it so it worked for me. now i have a recording deal, i have to work more on giving them hit with the kind of finacial support they will give to me i believe am going to give them a hit soon.

    Luarita Kingson:beleive you have a role model?
    Dandizzy:Yea, sure i have...... I  do and that's Olamide mehn..... the guy dey fire me mehn.... he fires me up when i listen to him, when i watch him when i see his lifestyles mehn i like him. i just want to be [pause].... i just want to be on that level or higher than that level [smiles] infact i want to be higher than that level mehn.

    Luarita Kingson:Wow! if I  was to suggest a role model for you..... i would have suggested Tecno or Phyno
    Dandizzy:[Laughs] no Olamide is the man, I  didn't just select my role model because of his kind of songs or stuff like that, i select my role model because of his lifstyle and the way he is, naturally.... Olamide is natural Olamide is real, Olamide is exceptional Olamide is cool and he humble,that is what i want to be.

    Luarita Kingson:Are you signed into any record label?
    Dandizzy:Yea I  am, and which I  told you about my recording deal. last sunday i did my sign up party, i just got signed to Cadilly entertainment... they base in Lagos,so i will be working in Lagos and Portharcourt but mostly Lagos.

    Luarita Kingson:I know you had a record label in mind before you got signed to Cadilly, which label is that?
    Dandizzy:[Smile] i did admire YBNL but right now i don't look forward joining them,I   just admire them.....I   love my label and I  want to work towards making hit and hits so that other coming artistes can also admire my label.

    Luarita Kingson:So what do you have to say to other coming up artistes
    Dandizzy:Mehn.... humility, hard work and smart work. hard work is good but smart work is better and if you can combine the two you will be successful. every body working with me now and even those who want me to perform on their shows, 80% of them turned me down when i went to them for favors but i did not get angry with them, i did not say anything [pause] normally two years ago you guys won't call me for an interview, you won't even accept me....I   was just a guy arround the corner, but i worked for the spot...... i didn't get angry with them that "oh! this people did not help me ooo...." and then I  start turning them down. i saw it like "okay i have not work really hard enough for me to earn the respect they need to have for me" so i worked for it and I  have earned it i think... so that what i have for coming up artistes, just hard work and smart work and also be humble..... humility pays alot and no matter what you do don't think that no one is seeing you, some body is just there watching and waiting for the right time.

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    Luarita Kingson:So what's next, what should we be expecting from dandizzy soon?
    Dandizzy:Am working on some songs, thats why am travelling to Lagos am working on some songs and there are going to be videos and when they are out you guys are going to see it,[smile] they are fire mehn! big features... big collaborations, we are working it's work ....work....Work

    Luarita Kingson:You have been talking more of lagos, now let's come back home, tell us what do you think of Rivers state entertainment industry?
    Dandizzy:[Laughs loud] wow that question! friends have been telling me "oboi, whats up go to Lagos and all that...." and i say "Lagos will come and look for me in Portharcourt ooo..." [smile] Portharcourt is wonderful... people don't know that, they just sit at home and judge portharcourt industry and be like "portharcourt entertainment industry is a scrab... that portharcourt entertainment is this and that...." then i know that they have not been out there also they have not been doing the right thing, and that is the reason why it's not been working for them. if you work well, work hard, work with the right people.... just have sense, even if you go to Lagos things will not just start working for you the day you go to Lagos. even some persons go ahead to featuring big names like Banky W, Whizkid and Davido and yet they still don't make it. so its not about Lagos Portharcourt or Owerri etc, if you work smart,  lagos will come look for you......Lagos is like the headquater mean while there other branches where things happen, so you can actually work hard in the branch office and they promote you to lagos the headquarter. most of the lagos celebrities started from portharcourt,  most breed here too, and they made their first hit in portharcourt.... so i don't know what they are saying about portharcourt entertainment.

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    Luarita Kingson:So what do you suggest the government should do to aid the growth of portharcourt artistes?
    Dandizzy:The government in portharcourt have done a whole lot for artistes in portharcourt but people do not know, its just that when an artistes gets to a spot when he can take money from the government or let me say a senior colleague in the business who got access to government will just go there and swindle the money and people will start blaming the government/ politicians that they are not bringing any money..... come on i know what they have been giving out and i know how much they have done, CANIRIV is a big festive show and i know how much they put into it and i know how much those people have gained but yet the entertainment industry have not been influenced, probably the people working there are not entertainers and they don't care about how we feel. and am sure there are people who still collect money from the government even till now concerning the entertainment stuff. so don't blame the government, they have given out money and they will still keep giving out money every year cause there is a plan for it.... there is a commisioner for culture and tourism and he is entertainment incline and also people who handle CANIRIV they are there they still collect money. so to me it's not the government's fault.

    Luarita Kingson:What are your reaction when people play and sing your song's?
    Dandizzy:I feel great,I   feel loved mehn... and I  feel grateful. i feel like "oh this people love my song" so I  need to work more to give them something better than what I  already gave them... that's howI   feel and I  also feel like "mehn... this is just a starting point, they are dancing to my songs... someone else might still bring out their own songs and they will still dance to it" so i want to give them something better so they will hold on to me and say "this is our artiste and we are his fans".

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