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    Gist: I Feel Comfortable Baring My B00bs – TV Girl Nancy Isime (Read More)

    The up and coming tv presenter/actress had an interesting chat about her job and fashion. Enjoy: Fashion sense Fashion to me means expressing my inner self, looking good and being comfortable.

     However, what is comfortable to me might not be so for another person. For example, I have no problems baring my cleavage and my legs but some people might not be able to do that. The fashion items I love most are my nose ring and high heels. 
    I’m quite adventurous in my style, so I don’t know if there’s anything I cannot wear. 

    Acting and scripts, 
    I like to take scripts that challenge me and in particular, roles I have never played before. One of the most exciting roles I’ve played is one where I had to do a lot of fighting and jumping. I even injured myself in the process but I enjoyed it. 

    To get into character, I think of people who are going through the same thing and that spurs me on. No matter how bizarre or outrageous a storyline seems, it is the true experience of many people.

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