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    (EP Album): Kave – “Free Fall” (Handwriting Of A Demi God)

    Hyeladi Junior professionally known as Kave was considered on the eleventh of August 1990 in Jimeta the capital city of Adamawa State.

    Kave completed early school in Yola and Moved to the University of Maiduguri to get his Bachelor’s Degree ever.

    A visual and performing experts, guitarist and untamed life enthusiast, Kave have been into music and workmanship for quit long and made it a calling at his late years in his auxiliary school.

    Kave recorded his first track “Say“, conveyed by prestigious music producer Tklex from Adamawa. “Say” was all the more a try different things with his amazingness and made it more master when Tklex showed interest and portrayed as a record which could exhibit the world the stuff Kave is made of.

    To his greatest advantage for formal guideline at a bigger sum, Kave left for University of Maiduguri where Tklex familiar him with a partner creator named “HopeDee-Yasso“. Kave met in Dee-Yasso who was without a second’s pause in like manner an understudy of the school.

    With a particular true objective to fulfill incredible relationship and show a bona fide improvement about his making, they got along sharing a room in school, where the whole charm started. That was the place they found the opportunity to do by far most of the tracks he have as of not long ago.

    “Breaking through to the heart of the music business in the place where I grew up wasn’t as hard as I thought it’ll be… I simply continued doing what I cherished and it worked for me… The topical substance of my tunes are focused towards a wide cluster of audience members, particularly individuals who are captivated by melodious profundity and flexibility in method and delivery…” – Kave

    Here is Kave with an arrangement of his specialty in an EP Album entitled Free Fall (Handwriting Of A Demi God).

    1. DOWNLOAD: "Pictures"
    2. DOWNLOAD: "Wish I"
    3. DOWNLOAD: "Crazy In Love"
    4. DOWNLOAD: "Say" (Pro by TKlex)
    5. DOWNLOAD: "Revolution"
    6. DOWNLOAD: "Cannon Ball"

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