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    BiafraExit: Nollywood Actor Osuofia Calls for Biafra Referendum, Lampoons S/E Governors. (See details Here)

    Below are the words of the popular Nollywood actor............

    If Nigeria wants to reorganised itself and live in justice and equity, why not give it a try, but if our people have checked everything, right from the end of the war, to the 3 Rs which I did not see any till this now, and then we say staying on our own is best for the long term, we all have to come together and support it”.

    Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his group IPOB has been peaceful so far, but it pains me so much when I read and watch videos of how police and soldiers kill our young ones, it broke my heart”.

    To all our people in high political places, whether APC or PDP or any party you are in, you see the yearnings and agitations of our people and you shout “No No No”,
    because you want to better your own lot, your family and grand children, be wise, there is nowhere food is cooked and kept ready for you,

    If you want to use your people and do politics, let me say this to you, what is coming, you will feel like you are immune to it, but you will be the first one to be cut out and reduced to nothing

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