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    Artist Interview: I See Myself At The Level Of Drake In 5 Years - Groove Bairn (See Details)

    We met with Groove Bairn, front-line artiste of The Shield Music, where he opened up to us in this tell-it-all interview. One wonders why the young man seem so confident about himself, perhaps it could be his team doing all the underground work and making him rest assured of his success as an artiste. He says, "...for me music is a do or die affair".

    Queston:- Can we meet you?
    Ans:- My name is Omoboriowo Chesney Odueso. I was born in Ogere Remo, Ikenne Local Government Area in Ogun state. I attended Ogere Community High School. I currently study Business Administration at the National Open University. My stage name is Groove Bairn, I am a musical artiste signed to The Shield.
    Question:- What does the name Groove Bairn mean and how does it relate to your kind of music?

    "Fun", "Enjoyment" or "Party". As for "Bairn"; my name starts with "Omo" which in English means "Child", but I prefer the old fashioned English of "Bairn".  Groove Bairn is synonymous to "Party Boy", and you know you can't help but dance when the DJ plays my music.
    Question:- What genre of music will you classify your music?
    Ans:- My genre of music from the way it sounds is a fusion of Afro-beat and highlife inherited from the likes of Baba Fela, Victor Olaiya and so many other artiste of that generation.

    Question:- What inspires your music?
    Ans:- What actually inspires my music are things going on in my surrounding and the people I interact with everyday.

    Question:- When did you start your music career?
    Ans:- I started my music career when I was 10 years old, then as a choir member.

    Question:- Can you give a brief summary of your journey so far as a musician?
    Ans:- I attended a musical training school back there in Ogun state. From there I was introduced to a group called Wonderpals where I learnt about song writing. Afterwards I joined a group called BBNDZ, where I met quite a number of people who encouraged and inspired me. Aj Layrow, Odus Baba, Flexible and Adexani to many a few were some of those who nurtured my music career. When I moved to Lagos in 2013, I got myself an artiste manager in person of Dipor Exzie who managed me from 2013 to 2016. He launched his Music label in 2016, and I became his first signed artiste.

    Question:- If you are not a musician what else would you have been into?
    Ans:- If I am not a musician I would have been a footballer, because back then I was a player with a team called Chicago FC and later the goalkeeper of a football team called Mayor FC. I was good, and I'm sure quite a number of people can testify to that.
    Question:- How did your parents react to your choice of career?

    Ans:- You know, it was not easy for me convincing them, not because of any other thing but the lifestyle. The nightlife and obscure scenes seen in music videos nowadays. I let them know I will be different. Also, there was some lie involved (laughs), by telling them I was going to do gospel music. Now they know it is my calling, and for me it is a do or die affair.
    Question:- What do you think about people going into music at a very young age?
    Ans:- I can't say it is good or bad, one only has to be very careful. My opinion is young artistes need someone who can put them through and regularly mentor them. This mentor could be one's relative or an artiste. 

    An elderly person preferably knowledgeable about the industry is needed as a Manager and/or Personal Assistant, so the artist doesn't get carried away along the line as a result of the many distractions. Young artistes have to know what they are doing, and they must have a very dynamic team or record label.
    Question:- Where do you see yourself in five years to come?
    Ans:- There is a saying that Man proposes but God disposes, but I see myself at the level of Drake!

    Question:- Who are your top 5 Nigerian artistes?
    Ans:- My top 5 Nigerian artistes are Wizkid, Davido, 2Baba, Ólámídé and Burna Boy. Shout out to other guys out there.
    Question:- Are there foreign artistes you look forward to working with?
    Ans:- The foreign artistes I am actually looking forward to featuring are the likes of Usher, Future, Drake, Jay Z and Nicki.

    Question:- What was the inspiration behind your recently released song, Redlight?
    Ans:- Redlight is everywhere now! 

    The song is actually an inspirational and motivational song. I composed the song with the grace of God and the support of my record label. When a record label keeps telling you to bring a different content from what is out there, you will be forced to think outside the box. Redlight is also a traffic song. Shout out to the producer of the song, Milez K9.
    Question:- What are we to expect from you next?
    Ans:- The video to Redlight and also my new song titled Mood.

    Question:- How do you describe the current state of the Nigerian music industry?
    Ans:- The music industry is on another level, our artistes featuring top American artistes is no longer a big deal. The industry has gone international and shout to all those who are taking it to the next level. The likes of Wizkid, Davido and the likes. The industry was crawling and now it is walking, and I do hope it can walk a very long distance and never crawl again. Mind you, I am coming and together we are going to make the industry run.
    Question:- Are you single?
    Ans:- I am in a relationship...(Thinks deep) With my career actually.

    Question:- One last word for your fans out there.
    Ans:- Ginger your Mood with Redlight.

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