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    Bombshell: We will Accompany You to Lagos State "Lagos is Too Small To Hit A Stone" Avengers Tells Nnamdi Kanu (Read Full Details Here)

    According to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, The restoration of Biafra is a fight everybody must join hands together to archive it, but Nigerian's especially the politicians had said they want one nigeria while millions of group known as IPOB has said they want the restoration of their fathers land which is Biafra.

    Protesters which includes the leader of the group Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who recently visited Imo state to preach the gospel of Biafra had said he will be embarking to Lagos one of the biggest city in Nigeria to preach the Biafra evangelism.

    Ever since the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu made the statement that he will embark on a tour to Lagos, there have been a wild rage of fear gripping the masses; some have beckoned that the visit will cause more harm than good, while others pondered that he should not go to a land other than Biafran land.

    The recent statement made by the Avengers will go forth to relieve people from tension and fear, as they have declared to go with Nnamdi Kanu on his tour to Lagos State.

    In a statement made by Akwa Akpa which reads, "We will accompany you to Lagos State, Nnamdi Kanu. We will see to it that your safety is assured. Lagos is too small to hit a stone, talk more of attacking you. If anything as such happens, we will not only set Lagos ablaze; we will ruin the land that their next generation will not, anymore remember there was a city called Lagos. 

    We will go with you in peace, but hell is with us."


    1. We must continue, Biafra or death, the zoo must fall

    2. They haven't seen anything

    3. I will go with u to Lagos.. ALL HAIL BIAFRA


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