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    Photo: Check Out Patoranking's Expensive Life, Luxury Properties and More. (See Photos)

    Fame is attractive not only because of the love and adoration from the public but also as because of the high fees famous people make. It is always very interesting to find out in what conditions our beloved celebrities live. They earn a lot of money and bathe in luxury. Everyone spends his earnings in his or own ways. From this article, you will learn some interesting information about Patoranking house and cars.

    This musician holds a pretty secure spot at the top of the Nigerian show business industry. He has a lot of achievements and admiring fans. Like many other artists, Patoranking enjoys his wealth, and has been able to purchase expensive property for himself. Let's talk about this person and his riches in more details.

    The Nigerian music scene is very diverse. Artists involved in various genres work show their skills here. Patoranking became famous and successful in the dancehall genre. For him, this is a real passion. He put in everything he had and has seen some impressive results. He definitely made the right choice. In 2017, dancehall is one of the most popular styles in Nigeria.

    The musician began to build his career quite early - at the age of 19. Now he has succeeded in recording an album, the sales of which beat many records and he also produced a large number of high-quality singles. He has also collaborated with other popular musicians. His hard work has certainly been paying off.
    Patoranking house in Lekki
    A few years ago, the musician finally let fans take a look at his house. It is located in the elite Metro Garden, Lekki.
    Patoranking felt the need to move to a more convenient location so he decided to go for this townhouse.

    The decoration is beautiful. Perfection is achieved in every detail. It is very cozy and comfortable here. It’s an ideal place to take a break after rigorously performing at concerts.

    It is clear that the musician's taste is not too extreme or overly flamboyant. There are no marble statues, gilding or fur of wild animals instead of carpet. There is only what is really needed. Nevertheless, this is a very stylish place. And you can bet that a professional interior designer worked on it.

    Bright colours that are invigorating are combined with pastel colours which are more relaxing. Everything looks very modern and natural. Mostly earth colors with orange details were used.
    The musician gets to enjoy his rest in the spacious living room.

    There is also a kitchen with a dining room, a bedroom, as well as a sound recording studio. So Patoranking can create his masterpieces without leaving his home. Any true musician should have such a room.
    Patoranking cars
    Stylish housing is not the only achievement that the musician can be proud of. He possesses a vehicle that can make anyone envious. Patoranking drives a Range Rover SUV 2014. For many Nigerians, this is the real dream. The musician made a wonderful, very smart choice. The car deserves attention due to its excellent speed, impressive appearance and high level of safety. The superstar is very pleased with it, and often shows up in his Range in public.
    As we can see, the celebrity does not try to flash the world with excessive luxury or compete with the wealth of his fellow musicians. He chooses quality things that serve to provide comfort, rather than additional decorations and bragging just to attract attention from people. He does not feel the maniacal desire to multiply his property. This is a good life position, worthy of respect.

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