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    Surprise!! Sarkodie tweeting shots at Reefer Tym?

    Looks like the tension between Labadi rapper Reefer Tym and Sarkodie isn't ending anytime soon as Sarkodie has finally responded to Reefer's tweet saying he anit the best rapper in Ghana.
    Sarkodie's tweet in respond to Reefer's claims beneath...

    If you want that spot you need to be ready for what it comes with God b with you
    In the past few days, Reefer claimed that Sarkodie Ain't The Best in Ghana and that he is, and since he tweeted that fans and have been attacking Reefer,putting pressure on Sarkodie who days back released his Highest album to respond which he has, could this beef stopping anytime soon? We wait and see.

    See Reefer's tweet to sarkodie....
    Sarkodie ain't the best in Ghana, I am.

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