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    Article 1: Why PhCity Bloggers Don't Blog Ph Artists Free Anymore (See Reasons Here)

    First of all, I want to state it here that this article is not referring to anyone specifically but it's for all.

    Port Harcourt musicians ain't getting the quality attentions they need in the industry, the reason is not that they don't have good songs, nor that they are not good in stage performances but the only reason is that pride has taking over everyone.

    You are an artist, you went to the studio, you paid your producer a huge amounts of money for the production, you paid for it mix and mastering.

    You went to a photo studio and took some awesome photos, you paid your graphic designer, he designes your artwork, then it's time for the promotion and this is what an artist will open his/her mouth to tell you as a blogger.

    1. Baba am an upcoming artist oh please help me just upload my song for your site abeg I no get money, bro na we we and if I blow tomorrow I no go forget you.

    Maybe you say to him bro I don't work that way, it will cost you 12k, he replies you next like this, bro me na this one, me na that one, I have worked with akeem Da Beat, timaya is my guy, double jay is my street guy, you ask him about me, if you upload my song for your site I will give you traffic, this and that.

    But a Lagos based artist will inbox you for promotion and this is how he will talk To you, Bros I hail oh, bro please I want you to help me and upload my song in your site and also help make the song trend by sending it to other bloggers Cus I don't really want it to be in one blog please can you! 

    Then you reply yes but it will cost you 20k.

    And he replies, please bro I don't have much on me now but please help me with 10k we still have a long way to go, as this is our first time working with each other.

    Did you see the diference between the conversations! Now tell me as a promoter or a blogger be Sincer who among this guys will you have help? I guess is the Lagos guy, because a reasonably artist should know that nothing good comes free, over package don't pay but it brings a man down.

    Looking forward to work with us!

    What am I saying! What am saying is that port Harcourt artists should stop too much of I too know when they know nothing.

    Bloggers are humans like the artists and they also spend money to make sure you as an artist your contents are always available online whenever it's needed.

    Port Harcourt bloggers need money to pay for their Domain, Host, and also must of us spend money in site maintenance, such as some social media share buttons, sponsored articles, buys data almost every two weeks to make sure they are always there to serve you and lots more.

    I think we should learn how to consider each other, so that we can work together and make the industry of Pitakwa proud.

    Lets learn how to relate to each other bout financially and all the rest. 

    Ph artists here is my advice to you.

    1. Use your money well, Spend money in your career so that when it pays tomorrow you will be proud to say that you paid a price for it.

    2. Help your career by opening a Facebook and instagram page for yourself, sponsor it to get fans to like your page, try new things and bring it out to your fans, no matter how small it's, you don't know who is who that may help you.

    3. Learn how to appreciate people who supports your dream and stop the over formings. 

    4. Work with bloggers who love the job they do and not those that only works for the money, we now have lots of bloggers in Nigeria now who claims to be the best in the industry but how sure are you about them? Do you they work for you or for your money, please think well!

    5. Finally, always pray to God for new wisdom and knowledge, inspirations, and Grace.

    God bless you all.

    Wisdom Bekee Ibe A.K. A Ynb 2nice CEO Www.TooSweetPromo.Com.Ng.

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