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    Sponsored Article: 7 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4 instead of Huawei Mate7 (See Reasons Now)

      7 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4 instead of Huawei Mate7
    The 2014 absolute favorites in the market of the phablets are Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Huawei Mate7.

    If you are planning to purchase a decent flagship smartphone on Android OS and you have trouble choosing between these two giants, we'll tell you why Galaxy Note 4 is better than Huawei Mate 7! Looking for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at the best price? 


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      1. The stylus
    Samsung was the first to find out that phablets should be used with a stylus. In particular, the S Pen in Note 4 features the following characteristics:
    ·         Sensitivity (now the stylus recognizes 2048 gradations of depression);
    ·         Highlight text (at last the stylus behaves like a mouse!);
    ·         Context commands.

      2. Power and clarity of the screen
    Technically, Galaxy Note 4 out-shadows Huawei Mate7 in terms of processor power and screen clarity. And although the Mate 7 battery is almost 1000 mAh more powerful, the difference in battery life between the two smartphones is almost unnoticeable.

      3. Camera
    The smartphones with the best cameras are Samsung, LG and Apple. Mate7 also features a great camera, but Galaxy Note 4 bypasses it in difficult shooting conditions, including at night, in motion and in the number of available modes.

      4. Diagonal of the screen
    Galaxy Note 4 has a 5.7" screen while Huawei Mate 7 – 6" screen. However, controlling Huawei is possible via an on-screen keyboard that takes up part of the working space. So with a more compact size Samsung Galaxy Note 4 offers almost the same screen area, but it feels better in the hand at the same time.

     5. S Health app
    Another reason to choose Galaxy Note 4 is the preinstalled S Health app that can count your steps, consumed calories and performed exercises as well as shows your heart rate and the level of UV radiation.
    Today, S Health is the most advanced platform for monitoring health on an amateur level on the Android OS, and, moreover, it is free!

      6. Gear Accessories
    The most interesting accessory is definitely the Gear Fit smart bracelet. It is compatible only with top-end Samsung smartphones.

      7. Other advantages
    ·         The S Note interface now enables you to save text from pictures.
    ·         Smartphone search and wireless connections have moved to a more convenient place in the phone, which saves time.
    ·         The device features several microphones that allow recording quality video sound and phone conversations on several separate audio tracks. There are also more advanced sound settings for the connected devices.
    ·         None of the competitors can catch up with Samsung in the convenience of its multi-window mode!

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