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    Music: Temitope (TWG) - Raise From The Dead || @tsalabi3

    Temitope S. Alabi known as Temitope TWG is a young evangelist with a

    prophetic unction who God have given a lot of passion for souls; and

    he is also a preacher and a teacher of the word of God through power
    of Truth that is at work in him. He is a passionate True Worshiper of
    God (T W G) that loves worship songs a lot in different dimensions.

    He is the founder of WITNESSING FOR CHRIST; which is a platform to win

    souls in every aspect the Gospel can be preached to the Unsaved and

    also to Sustain the Saved with the of Edification through Holy
    Scripture (The Bible).

    "This is my first and I believe God that the next will be much more
    better to touch and win souls for Christ. It not the song itself but
    its Message to souls"

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