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    Omuma has never had it this juicy and palatable since its creation in 1996 with the emergence of 100% youths as members and leaders of the Legislative Assembly.

    Best described as ‘very sophisticated legislative assembly, led by Rt. Hon Aloysius Ifey Onyemachias leader, Hon Precious Peter as Deputy Leader and Hon Chidi Onwuegbuchu as Chief Whip.

    The youthful status of these Law Makers is the ingredient that spices up the Executive arm of the local government led by Rt. Hon Christian Chisom Nwaiwu who also happens to be a youth with a very high penchant for development due to his several exposures to leadership positions ranging from legislative to executive positions. Rt. Hon Chisom led the Omuma Legislative Assembly as leader in the past; a position he served meritoriously and completed his tenure.

    Today, Hon Ifey Onyechi with his wealth of experience gathered from students unionism where he emerged as the President of Federated Union of Omuma Students (FUOS) has also emerged as the leader of Omuma Legislative Asseembly.
    Hon Ifey as FUOS President demonstrated capacity as a leader; little did he know that he was being prepared for a greater task ahead for the generality of Omumans.

    Hon Ifey never relented in his quest to provide refined and people-oriented leadership. His political career heightened with his commitment to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and active participation in Omuma politics, he was given appointments to serve in different capacities in the Local government.
    Rt. Hon Ifey showed utmost capacity as a great administrator and sagacious manager when he was appointed Secretary to the Council.

    The emergence of Rt. Hon Ifey Onyemachi as the Councillorship candidate of the PDP for ward 3 was welcomed by all and sundry following his dedication in community service in different youth organizations in Omuma.
    He defeated his opponents in the recently concluded Local Government election to emerge as the Honourable member representing the people of ward 3 comprising of Obiohia, (Okpulor, Umulo and Umuakpili), Umunachi and Umuagwu communities; one of the biggest wards in Omuma L.G.A of Rivers State.

    Rt. Hon Ifey thereafter, emerged the leader of Omuma Legislative Assembly after the election conducted by the 10 member legislative conglomeration.
    His emergence as leader of the house attracted thunderous ovation by the people of Omuma L.G.A.

    Like the incumbent Executive Chairman of Omuma Rt. Hon chisom Nwaiwu, Hon Ifey assumed this position with humility, having in mind that he has been called to serve his fatherland.
    The only thing that rewards in life is dedication, commitment and service devoid of sentiment, insincerity and prejudice.

    The youthfulness of the members of Omuma Legislative Assembly is indeed what a Local Government needs at this age in order to thrive effortlessly.
    This however, is courtesy of the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Omuma spearheaded by the very youthful and energetic Law Maker and Chairman of Etche Legislative Forum (ELF) Hon Kelechi Nwogu; a leadership anchored on youth empowerment and development.

    The blueprint of Hon Chisom Nwaiwu cannot be achieved without these young legislators who are yearning for the rapid development of their fatherland.
    These are people whose brains are very current and modern; people who understand the trend in technological advancement of the society and the need to ensure brighter future for the unborn Omuma child.

    The task ahead of them is to make sure that Omuma becomes that promised land and that home which everyone wants to visit in no distant time.
    No doubt that they won’t allow the enemies of Omuma, those whose intent is merely to grasp power to infiltrate the Local Government.

    A clarion call, a call to protect and promote Omuma against her enemies has therefore, been placed on these agile men and women who have been elected and appointed into different legislative and Executive positions in Omuma.

    The legislative functions of this assembly cannot be achieved without the support of the Omuma man who sits down to only criticize rather than suggesting how to make the area better.

    Irrespective of political divides in Omuma, it is our individual and collective responsibility to build the area and make it the place we all want.

    Remember, we have no second Omuma!!!

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