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    Breaking News] Ph Artists Are Doing Greatly, I challenge anybody whether DJs, OAPs, bloggers, To an Open Debate "If I Lose I Will Pay 100k" - Nigerian comedian K.O Baba

    The news that port Harcourt based musicians do not have good songs has been making lots of wavy on the social media, the situation has become the news of the day and had made lots of port Harcourt artists to change from their musical carriers to another.

    Just as the news continues going viral, one of the most respected african/Nigerian comedian best known as K.O Baba, has taken to his handle on Facebook to defend ph artists, to challenge anyone who can stand a debate with him that ph base artists got no good song, and also agree to pay 100k if he loses the debate. 


    If you want to help the boys that are working in the city please help them. All the excuse of there are no good songs from PH based artistes is a big fat lie. 

    I want to challenge anybody whether DJs, OAPs, bloggers, etc to an open debate in any radio station of your choice, I will pay a 100k if I lose the debate, then you will shoot a video for a musician of my choice if I win. I won't just argue I will be coming with several PH based songs must of you refused to listen to and help. You don't want to help them, stop running them down and let their destiny helpers talk. 

    We have gotten to the point were some boys are now scared to approach radio stations, DJs and OAPs because they are afraid they will be turned down even without listening to their songs. Nobody is saying there are no poorly made songs, but they are too many good songs and we want you to help starting from those ones.

    Most of you are coming online to run our artiste down, later you will say they are not respectful because you don't understand the frustration of giving in your best and yet your effort is not accepted for once. Some of these boys will get your attention if they start stealing and become noisy militants, but now that they are doing their little to build a career you are running them down. 

    I spend 2 weeks in going to seat down in club houses and drink my coke. I did go to over 10 clubs if was only once I heard a DJ play Baby Kpom mu love by Mkaze at UPtown and Uche by Bukwild at Ediz wine bar . 

    This is something I did for several nights at random and I told Mtrill and friends my research. Someone can join me let's do it again this week. Create platforms for them, let media come and take our songs out to the world.

    Please stop cutting down on so much talk and less work, it means nothing and won't help these growing artistes. They are massively talented and need to be supported if they will hit their best. You will agree with me that most of the songs enjoying airplay and access on playlist are worst than what our boys are doing here. Please don't play PH Songs, they are no such things like that, play Nigeria songs and put our people in that category. 

    I really appreciate the DJs, OAPs and promoters out there who share my belief and are doing their bit. I want to announce that I will soon be having serious banter with some noise makers who can't help but tell lies and attempt to damage the passion of these artistes. If you can't help them, don't hurt them. Thank you.

    And that was his words, but come to think about this, what do you have to say about all he said! Say your mind, drop your comments below, let's help each other.

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    1. goog and good, ph to the world, we have great artists in ph but na our promoters wey no dey try to help the boys grow


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