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    Hon Kelechi Nwogu is the member representing Omuma Local Government in the Rivers State House of Assembly.
    He hails from ward 8, Umuogba sub clan in Ogba/Ajuloke clan in Omuma LGA of Rivers State.
    A very young and vibrant man, always ready to hit the ground in anything he wants to do.

    Hon Nwogu singlehandedly delivered Omuma from the shackles of political imprisonment under the leadership of Former Governor of Rivers State Rt. Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi.

    Hon. Kelechi was denied of both statutory and fringe benefits as a Law Maker alongside 4 other members of the house while the rest 27 members were feeling already in paradise with the then Governor.

    Hon. Kelechi continued pushing amidst suffocation emanating from the very heated political terrain in the state.
    Little did Omuma people know that this fight was aimed at emancipating and delivering his people from APC's anticipated incarceration and solitary confinement.

    Just a very few voices encouraged him to continue. Like the bibles says "once the Lord spoke, but twice I heard, that power belongs to God".
    Based on the aforesaid premise, I therefore reveal thus;

    1. Dogged:
    Hon Nwogu does not need your encouragement or praises before he moves to act. He is such a dogged young man who believes in self determination and self support. He always wants to prove that power is not human but divine. With him, Omuma is secured. Doggedness earned him the most acclaimed title in Omuma ' High tension'.

    2. Generous:
    Hon Kelechi's generosity is not in doubt. Being generous is not limited to money sharing; it involves the ability to give out something of value without personal aggrandizement. Before the emergence of Hon. Kelechi as the leader of Omuma, our previous leaders were involved in family based appointments, empowerment and recognition no matter how micro and infinitesimal it was. They made sure everything went to their relatives first. But thank God for the person of Hon. Kelechi who has come to abolish this archaic, selfish and parochial way of sharing public resources. Hon. Kelechi insists that 'hope' must be restored to the hopeless. He will not allow you leave without financial or any other valuable gift each time you meet him.

    3. Sympathetic and Empathetic:
    Sympathy makes you merely condole with someone while empathy makes you feel the deep pain the person is feeling and makes you assume his/her position in pain, therefore propelling you to proffer any possible panacea.

    This is what really draws me to Hon. Nwogu. He feels towards his constituents even better than the way a Nurse feels for her patient. Hon. Kelechi will preach to you; advice you; encourage you; give you reliable hope. Just get close to him, you will attest better than me. He has displayed this by ensuring that Omuma people are not harmed in anyway. He has also shown empathy by bankrolling medical bills of a lot of persons who almost passed out. This is what a leader should be like.

    4. Eloquent and soft speaker:
    If you have ever been close to Hon. Nwogu, this wouldn't be an issue to understand. He speaks with a very melodious and soft voice, likes whispering to you, because he believes you alone should hear what he wants to tell you, unless it's for everyone then he raises his voice. I get baffled each time I listen to him due to the manner he picks his words, articulates his points and achieves the desired results. He is a man of few words.

    5. Very secretive:
    Politics is a game of secret keeping. This is one of the secrets of his success. Hon. Kelechi will tell you a few words when he has a lot in his mind. He knows what to do at every point in time. There's no body in Omuma that he doesn't know. He might pretend not to know but trust me, he knows. It takes a strategist to be secretive. A very garrulous and loquacious politician does not go far unless he talks and keeps some to himself. Hon KC keeps a lot to himself and that's why he has been succeeding.

    6. Lover of quality and great standard:
    It takes people who love quality and standard to be good leaders. Hon. Kelechi has demonstrated his love for quality and standard by the quality of projects and appointments he has attracted to Omuma just within this 3 years of peaceful governance in Rivers State unlike his first tenure when the then Governor saw him as opposition and denied him everything.

    7. Peaceful and lovable:
    You cannot meet Hon. Kelechi without falling in love with him. His approaches towards ensuring peace in Omuma is commendable. His love for a peaceful coexistence is what has brought unarguable peace and oneness in Omuma. Why will Omuma people not want such a man!

    8. Very neat gentlemen:
    If the State government organizes neatness award, no doubt that Omuma has already won it. Only a myopic mind will see it as immaterial.
    The face of Hon. Kelechi Nwogu is indeed a signpost for Omuma in the State. You are making us proud Sir. You are making us feel like people who have a leader. We are feeling the presence of your leadership. You may not be the best but for now you are meeting the test of this time for us.

    9. Youthful and sports lover:
    Are you aware that Omuma is the Champions of Rivers State? Are you aware that Omuma will remain the Champions of the state for the next 50 years? 
    This is courtesy of Hon. Kelechi Nwogu. The sports community and the entire Omuma people will live to testify your passion and support in the world of sports and empowerment even after your journey on earth.

    You have seen reasons to empower the youths and make them leaders of today. The best gift you can give to a youth is to assure him/her the brightness of the future through your policies and decisions today. I can categorically tell you that with Hon. Kelechi Nwogu as the leader of Omuma, the future holds a lot for the teaming youths. Our paths are already illuminating.

    10. Respectful and loyal:
    Apart from being a youth, the position he occupies in Omuma is such that he can even afford to disrespect people. But, the story is different here. Hon. Kelechi respects all and sundry. His loyalty is not in doubt. I know him, I go close to him, I discuss with him, I call him on phone, I send him SMS, etc; he has never disregarded me in any way. Yes, he is a human and he's bound to make errors. He might not please everyone. Like he said earlier this week, thus, "if you want to please everyone, then sell ice cream". You truly cannot please everyone as a leader.

    Everybody in Omuma is anxiously waiting for the declaration of Hon. Kelechi Nwogu for the position he wants to run for in 2019.

    People from other political parties have declared for different positions yet Omuma people are not satisfied until Hon. Kelechi Nwogu declares.

    We are resolute on our stand with him!
    Rivers State is different from every other state in Nigeria.

    We are committed to making sure that good leaders are returned to power come 2019.
    Omuma, the promised land!

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