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    My Omuma, My Home, The Land Of Promise - Innocent Chikadibia

    The land of promise; land of honey
    We don’t lack food or even money
    Working day and night is our hobby

    Just to make the best hubby. 

    The Omuma man is not pompous
    He loves and cherishes his status
    Always mindful and serious
    We’ve got people of focus.

    The best and reliable manpower
    Have sprung from our focus power
    We don’t take for granted, the power

    That unites and bonds us in a tower:

    Always happy and cheerful,
    The typical Omuman is helpful
    Amidst the earnings that are handful
    Very enthused and always joyful.

    Unimaginable and unequalled hospitality;
    Is the culture of an Omuman with responsibility
    He thinks about the welfare of his community;
    With great sense of humility and tranquility.

    Very industrious and enterprising
     With upcoming artists on daily rising
    There’s hope that they shall be singing
    When our Eldorado is ringing. 

    Our politicians are not power drunk:
    They are rather leadership drunk
    Making the area devoid of junk;
    We are Omumans and there’s no funk.

    A home of peace and home for all
    Full of natural atmosphere for all
    Whether during winter or fall
    Omuma is promising for all.

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