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    Music Album] K’Swagg – Rebirth EP

    The Rebirth EP (blood & sand) is a reflection of the life story of K'Swagg: his aspirations, struggles, fun times and hard timesgrowing up as an individual and as an artist. The "Rebirth" talks about how he dropped all his depression as an individual"Being" and reborn an artist. This again symbolizeshim being "Saved" by the music.

    "Blood and sand" a subtitle to the EP representing the struggle needed to achieve rebirth, it came from the ancient Roman history where there existed gladiators and biblical history of man being created out of sand. In the arena where gladiators fought for their lives, slaughtered and bleed the ground, from the same sand on this arena new gladiators were "born" stronger and more skilled than the ones from which death gave them life.

    Rebirth EP in short talks about the struggles one needs to go through to achieve greatness with mastering credit to DareMameBeat.
    Track Titles
    Track 1: TheBeginning (intro)produced by Josh Kramer
    Track 2: D. I. M. E (produced by BearMcCleary)
    Track 3: Level (produced by Hulkzickbeat)
    Track 4: Everyday(produced by NewstreatMelody)feat. KelzWpmg
    Track 5: Mr. Other Man (produced by Grandpa)
    Mastering:This EP was mixed and Mastered by DareMameBeat


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