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    Veterinary Doctor Chibuzor Dumps Medical Profession for Music As He Debuts New Song '' Thank You ''.

    Just like the break of day, the sun splashes from afar and the ambiance takes on a bright frequency, yielding life and light to the previously dead, dark and dormant scenarios. It takes tough determination to set out on a new professional endeavor as demanding as music.

    “Coming from the veterinary medicine point of view, this has been one of the toughest decisions l have had to make…considering the fact that a syringe and a microphone are both hands held but serve different purposes, l am learning to learn my music terrain with as much passion as l deployed into studying veterinary medicine hereby unlearning things that would hinder my musical progress and learning and relearning things that would ensure my growth in the music world. Yes, this is tough and sometimes scary but this is what  l live for and it is worth every sleepless night that goes into the process”

    After several months of hard work and intense scrutiny; He starts out on the road to greatness in the ever competitive music terrain but after thoroughly working in the studio with the prolific music producer Mr.Time, It is sure going to be a journey worth every sweat put into it.

    “We began work on this project  in the first quarter of this year, trying out different sounds and with Mr.Time bringing in the needed professional solutions, we have been able to create a masterpiece that the world really needs to hear and l must say that it was such a fun time working in the studio with Mr.Time.”

    The table is now set for the feast of great music, prepared and tailor-made for your listening pleasure.
    This is Chibuzor!
    You Can Download Chibuzor — Thank You (Prod by Mr.Time) below: 

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