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    Check out exclusive photos of Khalif Da Cypha and Son, as he "Son" turns #1 Today. (See Photos)

    Today marks 1 calender month of the Heir to Da Big Dance DaDa, Dance hall Field Marshal, Hip-Hop Olotu, Khalif Da Cypha Xmpire Cantonment Dynasty.

     Zayne Wingimieye Khalif Da Cypha Jr.  is 1 year old with enough energy already like Father like Son.

    Getting set to take on the world and its challenges and also rule over Xmpire Someday.

    A Boy that can not be ignored, having air of happiness and celebration always, born OCTOBER 16 2017 makes him a Libra in Nature and Libra's are known to be Celebration God's.

    Best wishes and God's blessings all the days of ur journey in life... Happy birthday Zayne.