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    What’s your background?

    My names are Amechi Nweke Solomon,  popularly known as West Swit, I hail from ebony state, the fifth child from the family of seven.

    What made you realize that music way your path?
    To cut the long story short, back then at age 8 Struggling as a kid made me realize that Music was my path. i literally can't do anything without singing. Always had this dream of becoming a musical artist and see myself on television. Now I see all Coming through.

    Who are biggest musical influence?
    Uhm, the likes of Fela,  Osadebe, king sunny Ade etc. I learnt alot from them through their music and their style of music is unique.

    What makes your music unique?
    Lol,  in the musical industry everybody has he/her own pattern, I believe what make my music is unique it's because I make it simple which everyone can relate with

    If you had to do it all over again,would you still choose this career?
    Yes I will always choose this career,  first and  foremost music is my life meaning always choose life before anything else.

    What’s next for you
    Anticipate good music because it's going to be a blast

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