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    Wizzy N Raggaking - Stop The Killing

    Download this freedom Song and listen which all living  being  is Expected to Hear  
     A Song that Speak against Evil  
    Song that rebuke wickedness against mankind.

    Everyday all we hear is killing  of Human Beings! from difference various gang 

    Fighting for Religious Power  
    And life been lost along the process  
    Children Crying,  Mothers Weeping. 
    Everyone One now live in Fear Cause no One knows who is  Dying Next 
      The Government can't Stop Them.

    We the Citizens Decided to do a Freedom Song 
    Let Use this Song to Spread Peace to the world.  
    Join the Movement of freedom  
        Song Sounding to the world 
    Jah Children Must Live in One Love.

    Less bring happiness to Mankind Download and Share

          Song Writer 
             Wizzy N 
         Artist Name 
      Wizzy N Raggaking 

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