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    Daddy Freeze Deserves An Award For His Outspoken Words (True or False!).

    Whether you support Daddy Freeze or not, you cannot argue against his steadfastness in the face of great opposition from a horde of christian tithers.

    Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze has become the face of the anti-tithe movement. With his eloquent sermons on social media under his "Free The Sheeple movement, he has swayed a lot of people against the doctrine of tithe.

    The unfortunate truth is that Daddy Freeze has suffered a lot of abuse from christians who support tithe, both personally and professionally. On social media, he has received insults towards his wife and marital life. He has been cursed by certain christians who wish death and suffering upon him. He has lost a lost of sponsors and hosting contracts as a result of his outspokenness against tithing.

    With all these abuse hurled against him, Freeze still soldiers on in his mission free the sheeple in Nigeria. One must also commend Freeze for reinforcing his anti-tithe arguments with biblical references. His scholarly method of argument has won a lot of fans to his side. Many commentators and spectators on the tithe culture wars have indeed noticed that Freeze actually quotes the bible more than his opponents in tithe arguments.

    Another thing that Freeze should be commended for is his outreach to the poor. He actually put actions to his word action by engaging in charity programmes to help the poor. Freeze argues that it is better to "tithe" to the poor who need the money more than rich pastors.

    In order not to sound biased, one must also point out that Freeze is not a saint. He confessed that it took him a while to stop tithing- long after he started preaching against tithe. While one can say that Freeze was being honest, one cannot dismiss the temporal hypocrisy displayed. Furthermore, his divorce was a bit messy for the average christian.

    All in all, Daddy Freeze remains a great man. A man who did not give up, even in the face of a great opposition. Billionare pastors could not stop him in his mission to free the sheeple. A David and Goliath story. History will remember him.

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